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Marci G.

Stylist | Level 4


What I love most about my profession is seeing that huge smile at the end of a service. You gain such amazing connections and relationships with guests. When life's ups and downs happen, my guests share their feelings with me. When they come in and sit in my chair, I become their friend, confidant, and a listening ear. Sometimes a color choice is for self esteem, new beginnings, or celebrations! To be able to help them achieve such results makes me feel good! I personally came to Evolution as a stylist from another salon. Seeing how different salons worked, I knew Evolution was where I was meant to be. From the minute I started here my career has taken off beyond what I could have imagined. Their system of level jumping, which is our way of promoting ourselves, is one of the best systems! We’re allowed to control our careers at our own pace, live amazing lives inside and outside of work, have families, and still do what we love to do in our careers. With the leadership and support Evolution provides to their coworkers it makes it such a positive place to come to everyday!

The two things that can make any day better are my children, Chloe and Kylie! Those two little smiles brighten up my day in a heartbeat! Everything I do, including my career, is for them. I want to give them the best life there is! The other thing that I am grateful for is my career! I have the opportunity to do what I love, and because it is a labor of love , to me it’s not work, it’s fun! Hair is my biggest passion, and my clients make it that much more amazing!